Mine animation for fingerprintGUI

Fri, 26 Oct 2012 (tags:linux)

I'm using Wolfgang Ullrichs fingerprintGUI and after while I started disliking the default animation. So I decided to do mine own 'swipe your finger now please' animation. I got tripod, camera and after while playing with cropping and resizing I ended up with this:

I think that is improvement over the original one:

Mine version is 13KB bigger in filesize what is not such problem. It's 13 pixels wider than original, so I had to alter some .h and .ui files and recompile it. If somebody is interested, then here is tar file with altered animation and include files. It is not diff/patch so just overwriting it over 1.04 release of fingerprintGUI and recompiling is enough. Even that I accomplished what I wanted, good infinite loop, no shaky camera, no jigged pixels, less noticeable dithering, but still I'm not fully satisfied with it. After implementing it, I got couple ideas what could be done better, so maybe I will redo it again.

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  1. quick says:

    HI, i'm looking for info about the system path of fingerprint-gui files, like the animation or the window gui (if it's own by itself) f.e. Slim themes use 2 files as a gui (background and panel). I want to modify the gui (window and animation)... Do you know the files path? Thx

  2. Anton Krug says:

    I couldn't change the animation just with replacing files, I had to recompile it from sources as well. Mine animation has slightly different dimensions and parameters and in theme I was working with (probably the default original one) everything was hard coded there. While recompiling you can change the position behavior of the dialog depending of dual monitor setup as well. (I hard coded my native resolution of mine laptop, if bigger screen size is detected it means it's in the dual monitor mode).