Mine animation for fingerprintGUI

Fri, 26 Oct 2012 (tags:linux)

I'm using Wolfgang Ullrichs fingerprintGUI and after while I started disliking the default animation. So I decided to do mine own 'swipe your finger now please' animation. I got tripod, camera and after while playing with cropping and resizing I ended up with this:

I think that is improvement over the original one:

Mine version is 13KB bigger in filesize what is not such problem. It's 13 pixels wider than original, so I had to alter some .h and .ui files and recompile it. If somebody is interested, then here is tar file with altered animation and include files. It is not diff/patch so just overwriting it over 1.04 release of fingerprintGUI and recompiling is enough. Even that I accomplished what I wanted, good infinite loop, no shaky camera, no jigged pixels, less noticeable dithering, but still I'm not fully satisfied with it. After implementing it, I got couple ideas what could be done better, so maybe I will redo it again.