Git problems with files made in Windows

Tue, 7 Dec 2010 (tags:git, windows)

When I tried to commit files created under MS Windows then I got lot errors related to such things as is the carrier return handling on Windows, or how editor indent the source code. To be able successfully commit this files I had to edit  .git/hooks/pre-commit file. To get rid of Trailing whitespace error I had to comment out this lines:

	if (/\s$/) {
		  bad_line("trailing whitespace", $_);

And for the Indent SP followed by a TAB error are this lines responsible:

	if (/^\s*   /) {
		  bad_line("indent SP followed by a TAB", $_);

It's not like fixed, it's just workaround to ignore them, to solve it properly perhaps change of the editor is needed etc... So for now the workaround is grand.