Fixing VMware autofit guest

Mon, 11 Apr 2016 (tags:vmware)

I was wondering for good while lately why autofit stopped working on my Debian host running Windows in guest. In forums there is lot of advice, change hardware compatibility, change the graphics driver between 2D/3D change memory in the config and change how the vmware detects the monitors. Couldn't tell if the problem is in the host or guest. Reinstalled the vmware tools. And then it striked me, I installed lately  the FL2000DX Fresco USB display link which breaks the autofit. If I would need the USB display link probably setting the corresponding service to manual would be enough and just start it on demand. But because I didn't needed it anymore uninstalling was pretty easy fix. This blog entry is just my mental note to remind myself  to check everything related to display management / drivers / services first and not just focus on vmware tools in the host and guest.